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L Avocat lawfirm is born from the willingness to provide an organised working method for media customers, as efficient as larger scale lawfirms but with a specific focus expertise, an important reactivity, and a better knowledge of the customer. At the same time our approach is inspired by small family firms’s methods on some perspectives as promoting dialogue and affirming human values.

The field of expertise of the lawfirm covers all essential domains of activity within the media sector. The law firm is as called a « full service » firm, acknowledging the specificities and challenges of the here after detailled sectors.


Cinema & Audiovisual

L Avocat intervenes on all types of cases in relation with the activities of the film and audiovisual industry. The lawfirm advises notably producers, distributers, broadcasters, authors, directors, technicians, artists or individuals and companies whishing to invest in audiovisual projects.

Advertising & Fashion

L Avocat offers a specific expertise for the advertising, fashion and luxury sector. The lawfirm takes care for agencies and producers of questions in connection with tv advertising, printed media or online advertising, but also related to fashion magazines, photographs, and modeling.

Arts, Theater & Publishing

L Avocat proposes specific advice to the sector of arts, paintings, sculpture, photographs, design, plays and opera, books. The lawfirm offers its services to authors as well as cultural institutions, producers, publishers, investors.

Music & Musical Composition

L Avocat has got specific knowledge of the music industry. The lawfirm advises artists, composers, technicians, managers, publishers, producers and distributers. L Avocat intervenes as advisor or litigation respresentative at any stage of composition, recording, promotion or distribution.

Video Games & Animation

L Avocat offers a special expertise for the video game and animation sector. The lawfirm advises producers, publishers, graficdesigners, authors within the animation sector. L Avocat secures the exploitation of video games or animated films by advising a optimised right management structure.

Internet & New Technologies

L Avocat proposes specific expertise for the new technology sector, and particularly to editors of informatic services. The law firm provides for investors, publishers, hosting companie, webdesigners, service providers or ingénieurs, all services to secure their activity.


Counterfeiting of synopsis

Counterfeiting of synopsis

  The development phase of an audiovisual project is crucial and can last for a long period of time. It involves the drawing up of several literary documents, more or less detailed: pitch, synopsis, bibles...
New funding obligation for VOD platforms

New funding obligation for VOD platforms

The major audiovisual reform presented at the end of 2019 by the former French Minister of Culture Franck Riester announced among its flagship measures a contribution of platforms to French audiovisual and cinematographic production. Following...
Shooting in the time of COVID

Shooting in the time of COVID

In view of the health context and the difficulties raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, producers have to take many responsibilities and precautions in the context of the recovery of production’s operations and film shootings. Shooting...
New measures for movies on French TV

New measures for movies on French TV

In June 2020, Edouard Philippe, then French Prime Minister, announced to the leaders of the private and public broadcasting sector, a division of the French audiovisual law, in order to deal with certain points as...
COVID-19 : French measures sustaining audiovisual and film industry

COVID-19 : French measures sustaining audiovisual and film industry

Cultural sector, and in particular audiovisual and film production, has been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Difficulties arose and concerned development as well as production and exploitation of the works and both authors,...


Sébastien LAchaussée


Attorney of law at the Paris bar, specialised in intellectual property law, new technology law and corporate law. Sébastien Lachaussée has studied at university Panthéon-Assas french and german corporate law, and passed a diploma in intellectual property, multimedia and IT law at La Sorbonne – Paris XI University.

Before founding Lachaussée Avocat, Sébastien Lachaussée worked in the media and new technology teams of big international french and english lawfirms, and in a boutique firm specialised in film law.

The activity of Sebastien Lachaussée is more oriented to the advising in matters related to film, music and new technology law. Sébastien Lachaussée provides a full service advice, and is also dealing with coporate, tax, and labour issues. His working languages are english, german and french.


Lachaussée Avocat - L AVOCAT - AVOCATL

élisa Martin Winkel


Jurist specialized in intellectual property, new technology and corporate law. Elisa Martin Winkel studied at university Jean Moulin – Lyon III, a specialised cursus in entertainment law.

Before joining L Avocat as jurist in 2015, Elisa Martin Winkel benefited from expériences within legal services of big firms of the film and advertising industry. Its working languages are french and english.

The activity of Elisa Martin Winkel focuses on advice within the film and audiovisual sector.



Attorney at law at the Paris Bar, active on intellectual property and commercial law cases. Christophe Puech obtained a master in Private General Law oriented on Intellectual Property and E-commerce at Nantes University. He also obtained a master degree at Universty of Strasbourg in digital economy.

After having gained experience in specialised law firms of the Intellectual Property Media sector, Christophe Puech created its own law firm, CPR Avocats dedicated to Intellectual Property and Commercial law, before joining in january 2020 L Avocat, in order to manage the litigation cases of the law firm.


Christophe Puech -AVOCATL
Frédéric Goldsmith -AVOCATL

Frédéric Goldsmith


Frédéric Goldsmith is a specialist of the creative and communications sectors. Holder of a Master 2 degree in commercial and fiscal law of Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne University, he started as a lawyer in an international law firm.

He pursued his career in the legal department of a collecting society for the rights of performers, ADAMI, and as the director for legal and social affairs of the Syndicat national de l’édition phonographique (SNEP). He became the CEO of the Association des producteurs de cinéma (APC) which, after mergers with other unions, gave birth to the Union des producteurs de cinéma (UPC) which he also managed.

His expertise involves global advices in the various fields of law and business practices of the creative and cultural industries. His working languages are french and english.








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